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Our Nectars are all natural fruit drinks that provide juicy mouthfuls of premium fruit taste.

Great tasting and perfectly blended, Bessie Byer’s nectars are your healthy and refreshing choice.


Strawberry Lemon - 300ml Glass

This classic old-fashioned nectar delights with a refreshing tart lemon taste and sweet strawberry finish. Each sip brings you back to those lazy summer afternoons, spent with family and friends on a country porch…

Tropical - 300ml Glass

Our tropical Island nectar is packed with mangos, mandarins, passion-fruits, bananas, limes, apricots, apples and many other delicious wholesome fruits.

Pomegranate Berry - 300ml Glass

Our Pomegranate Berry is a healthy mix of pomegranate, mixed berries and apple juices that provide exceptional health benefits.

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